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Dehradunbuzz.com : The Dehradun City Portal

DehradunBuzz is the Doonite’s exclusive space on the world wide web dedicated to our beloved city of Dehradun. It is in parts an information portal, a directory, a chronicler and a discussion board. A space for everything you wanted to know or tell the world about Dehradun. DehradunBuzz is not merely about the information, it is about the insights. So, dig in and enjoy!!

About Dehradun

DEHRADUN, located in North India, is a beautiful valley town lying at the foothills of the Shivalik Hills. It is the capital city of the State of Uttarakhand. Dehradun lies 250 km north of New Delhi, India's capital. It is most famously known for its educational institutions like, Forest Research Institute (FRI), Indian Military Academy (IMA), The Doon School and the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), to name a few. In fact, Dehradun's fame in this aspect can be traced right back to the Mahabharata era. The great guru Dronacharya had his military academy in the Doon valley and the Pandavas and Kauravas trained under him here. At that time, Dehradun was called Dron Doon after the great guru Dron.

9th November 2000, was a turning point in Dehradun's history. On this day it became the capital of India's newly created 27th state Uttarakhand (previously it was a part of Uttar Pradesh state). Long time residents have witnessed the transformation of Dehradun in these past ten years from a quiet sleepy town famous as the retired man's haven to a  town that is now abuzz with a lot of political, social, cultural and commercial activities. Despite its changing face, Dehradun still retains its charm and is a favourite destination on many a tourist's itinerary.

Off The Beaten Track: The Entry Points into Dehradun

Dehradun is a valley, surrounded by the Mussoorie Range of the lower Himalayas in the north, and the Shivalik range on the south. Valleys do not have direct points of access to them. They can be reached only through certain passes in the mountain that surround them. That is something that makes valleys so much more defensible. From the plains, Dehradun has three points of entry – Timli, Mohund and Kansrao. While Timli and Mohund have been used since medieval times, Kansrao is more recent as it facilitates rail travel. A look at the history of these passes proves to be quite interesting.Read More

Fire at Crossroads Mall

Late Tuesday night around 10:30 pm, tragedy struck at the Crossroad Mall located near the Secretariat. The gaming zone at the second floor caught fire. Due to the late hour, luckily only around 12 people were on the second floor at the time of the incident.....Read More


Indian Oil Corporation starts 5 kg Gas Cylinder Cash & Carry Scheme in Dehradun

Need gas in an emergency? Now 5 kg commercial gas cylinders are available in Dehradun at petrol pumps and gas agencies, albeit at a heavy price. A regular domestic cylinder which weighs 14 kg costs Rs. 435 at the subsidized rate. The 5 kg commercial cylinder will cost Rs 460.....Read More


MAD Youths Efforts to Revive the Dying Streams of Dehra Bring Hope

To bring change, passion and a streak of MADness in needed. Dehradun is fortunate to have a number of such MAD people. On June 8th 2011, a few of Dehradun's socially conscious youth got together to form an NGO and named it