Welham Girls School, Dehradun

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12, Circular Road, Dalanwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Phone No
0135-2654293, 2654754, 2657223
Welham Girls School
12, Circular Road, Dalanwala Dehradun Uttarakhand 248001 India
0135-2654293, 2654754, 2657223
‘Aartha Shanti Phala Vidya’ – The main aim of education is to alleviate the suffering of the needy. This is the motto of Welham Girls’ School and this is the principle that the Welhamites live by. It is this atmosphere of helpfulness that instills in each student a sense of responsibility towards the community at large.

Welham Girls’ School is an institution which focuses not only on the academic progress of a student but also on the development of an all-round personality. It aims at opening new doors for its students and broadening their horizons, yet at the same time keeping them rooted in their culture and traditions. Welhamites are unique due to their self-confidence and their urge to portray their individuality. Their main asset is the strong support system that the school provides and that runs through the entire Welham community like a web, encouraging and supporting anyone who wishes to take on a task. It is this strong sense of belonging that pulls the school together, into the closely-knit Welham family. It is this sense of belonging that gives a Welhamite the enthusiasm, and very often the fearlessness, to stand up for ‘the harder right against the easier wrong’.
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