Doon boy Raghav Crockroaxz Juyal in Top 13 of DID 3

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Thursday, 23 February 2012 15:06

Doon boy Raghav Juyal has made it to the Top 13 in the popular television program Dance India Dance(DID) Season 3. He has garnered a huge fan following thanks to his unique dancing style, powerful slow motion moves and superb body control. Raghav is a self taught freestyle dancer. He says that he has learnt dance via the TV and internet. Raghav has given himself a very interesting nick name: Crockroaxz. This is because he says, he has the creepiness of a cockroach and the strength of a crocodile.

Though Raghav performed really well at the auditions, he was unfortunately eliminated from the audition round and could not make it to the Top 18. The mentors verdict was against him. Evidently it didn’t go down well with the loyal viewers of DID. So, on popular demand, the DID team and Grandmaster Mithun Da decided to give Raghav Juyal aka Crockroaxz a second chance as a wild card entrant to prove his mettle yet again. Master Terence said, “I wish to apologize to all the viewers since I think we did a big mistake by not selecting Raghav during the auditions. Later, when I saw Raghav perform and the kind of acts that he is capable of doing, it totally surprised me. Whatever Raghav does, its 80 percent his own creativity and may be 20 percent my inputs. He is an amazing freestyle dancer whose core strength is his body control and his USP being is his slow motion or speed breaking moves. May be there are very many dancers who can dance like him but the feel with which Crockroaxz does an act even ace dancers take ages to gain mastery over that. Raghav is a treat to watch and training him is every choreographers delight. If the junta selects him to be a part of the terrific 13, he will give a tough takkar to the other contestants and raise the bar of the competition.

Click on the video below to view Raghav's dancing if you have not yet seen him on TV.

Enjoy the Raghav Crockroaxz slow motion dance.

Every week one contestant will be eliminated according to the number of votes they receive from viewers. The contestant to receive the least number of votes will be eliminated from the competition. Doonites, please vote for this talented youngster from Dehradun! You can call on 18002661602 to vote for Rahgav 'Crockroaxz'.