Planning to join a gym? Be careful, it can be dangerous for your health

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Monday, 09 April 2012 16:03

It's that time of year again – summers are in, heavy winter clothes are off and the indulgences of winter are evident to everybody but most painfully to you. Well, you are not alone! The whole town is feeling the urge to get rid of the flab accumulated in winter and many are heading off to the gyms in town. The fitness fever in Doon has been rising with every passing year and now-a-days it is not only youth but ladies and even senior citizens too, who are quite keen to follow a fitness regime and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness centers and gyms all across the city are confirming an increased rush with summers setting in.

Gyms have mushroomed all over the city and one is spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a gym. Unfortunately, many instances have been reported of gyms giving bad service and not living up to their promises of helping people get in shape. Therefore, before signing up for any gym membership, it is advisable to keep certain check points in mind—is the gym registered, does it have a trained instructor, a qualified dietician and latest fitness equipments etc. If this is missing then one might end up exercising in a wrong way which may adversely affect the health.

Physiotherapist- Dolphin PG Institute, Dr. Priyanka Gambhir says, "Many patients come to us who generally complain about back ache, muscle pull etc. in their initial work out days." "Moreover quite a few women also complain about increase in their body weight soon after they discontinue gymming or put a sudden halt to their regular fitness regime," she added.

According to Dr. Gambhir, the main reason behind all these problems is lack of expert guidance of a qualified trainer and exercising in a wrong posture.

There are nearly 45 gyms across Dehradun out of which only 8 gyms are registered with Dehradun Body Builders and Fitness Association. As per the Association’s Secretary General, Mr. K.N. Sharma, the registered gyms are subject to regular monitoring by a team of experts. The team often visits the registered gyms to ensure the fitness quality standards for safer work outs.

So Doon, do thoroughly check out the gym you may be planning to join. Be safe, be aware and stay fit and healthy.