Dehradun made film 'Rangroot' to be screened at No Budget Film Festival in Los Angeles

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Thursday, 16 August 2012 15:30

Rangroot, a short film made in Dehradun has been selected as one of the 16 films to be screened at the No Budget Film Festival in Los Angeles from among 100 enteries from 20 cities. The No budget Film Festival celebrates innovative film making that exploits creativity rather than a Hollywood sized budget. The criterion for a No Budget Film is that it has to be shot with no money and be under 8 minutes.

In the times of mega budget films, to make a film without spending any money is indeed a unique challenge. It takes a great deal of ingenuity and clever use of limited resources and full credit goes to the team of Rangroot for achieving that. Shashwati Talukdar, the director of the film says that they faced two main challenges in making a film without a budget. She says, “The first challenge was self imposed. We decided we were going to make a film from scratch in two weeks and do it without any pre-conceived plans. The cast and crew met for the first time in the beginning of the process and got to know each other and their stories. The writer, Danish Mirza, created a story particular to the location and actors, and we shot the film in two days.”

The second challenge was the reality that Dehradun lacked both human and technical resources to make a film. To combat this, the team changed their working style. They first found the location and actors and then built the story around them. Thus the cast and crew became co-creators in the film. Since Dehradun has a robust theatre culture, getting good actors was not a problem. Jagriti Dobhal and Raman Rawat, the main actors are active in the theatre scene.

The film was shot entirely in the courtyard of a 150 year old house in Dalanwala. Khusboo Dua who has done the camera work for the film says that the whole experience of creating something from nothing was fantastic. Each and every team member put in their best willingly. The film ended up becoming a product of the town and not just the filmmakers.

Rangroot has an unusual story line. The storyline goes something like this: Abhay lives with his widowed mother and older brother. His mother is very unhappy with him because he is nothing like his soldier father or policeman brother. One day his mother catches him dancing in drag. She slaps and scolds him. Abhay disappears that afternoon. He shows up the next day with a dance and theater manager, Surinder, who has recruited him. Abhay's mother and brother do not approve of Surinder and his show-biz ways. They forbid Abhay to join Surinder's performing group. It looks like they have succeeded, when Abhay surprises everyone by defying his family and social conventions and goes away with Surinder.

Rangroot’s selection proves one does not need mega bucks to make it to the silver screen. A spark of an idea fuelled by creativity and passion can get you there.. Dehradun will surely be rooting for Rangroot when it premiers at the No Budget Film Festival in Los Angeles on 26th August!