Dehradun Weather

dehradun weather

The picturesque valley of Dehradun lies at an altitude of 2,200 feet. It is a popular tourist destination. Dehradun is also home to some very important organizations of the country and leading educational institutions. Apart from the numerous tourist attractions, what makes Dehradun a popular getaway is its mild and bracing climate.

Altitude 2,200 ft Above Sea Level
Summer Temperature Minimum : 26.7°C, Maximum: 38°C
Winter Temperature Minimum : 5.2°C Maximum: 23.4°C
Average Rainfall 2073.3mm
Best Time to Visit Throughout the year

Dehradun is an all year round tourist attraction with cool winters, warm summers and heavy monsoons. Tourists can take their pick according to the season they prefer.

Spring (Mid February to March)

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Dehradun. The biting chill is over and the spring flowers are in full bloom. If one is visiting in early March, plan in such a way that you can see the annual Spring Festival at the Raj Bhavan. For nature lovers, it is a delight to behold Dehradun’s beautiful flora and fauna in full glory. Many beautiful and unusual birds and butterflies can be spotted in this season in and around Dehradun.

Summers (April to June)

Compared to the plains, summers are relatively pleasant. Tourists prefer this period for visiting Dehradun. Since the hill station of Mussourie is barely an hour’s drive from Dehradun, tourists flock in great numbers to escape from the seething summers of the plains. May-June is also the Litchi season in Dehradun and the whole town is dotted with trees loaded with luscious bright red litchis waiting to be picked. A pretty sight  to behold indeed.

Monsoons (July to September)

Dehradun monsoons offer medium to heavy rainfall. For those who like dancing in the rain, the whole town looks freshly bathed and alive in various hues of green. Not too good a time for outdoor activities though. Perfect weather for enjoying the natural scenic beauty since everything looks so green. Humidity is high though in the months of July and August.

Post Monsoons (October and November)

October and November are very pleasant months to be in Dehradun. The weather is perfect and the whole town is in a festive mood and gaily decorated because of Dussehra and Diwali festivals.

Winters (December to February)

Winters have a maximum of 23°C and a minimum of about 5°C.  Snowfall in Mussoorie is common and that makes it all the more chilly in Dehradun. Hailstorms in Dehradun are not unusual. Heavy winter clothes are a must for a comfortable stay. If one is not too fond of the cold, definitely a time to head for warmer climes.